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"Lori Montry is a passionate facilitator who genuinely cares about the progress of her clients. She is gifted with a loving heart, intuitive vision, and practical intelligence. She is consistently present and fully engaged in the live sessions. Her educational materials are well produced, organized and easy to comprehend. What I love most about the Freedom program, is that it provides a safe and nurturing environment in which I can release my misconceptions and self-hatred. The program encourages compassionate self-acceptance and loving self-care, as I move toward my goals of self-improvement. This is not a diet program. It is a program that provides you with all the needed tools to create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, tailored to the specific needs of each individual. I have been profoundly inspired and impacted by Lori and her program."Thank you so much! Lori 


Freedom Client
I had tried so many things to lose weight. I felt very insecure and felt alone. The program has helped me to work through my overeating and has helped me to not think about food constantly. Lori provided the guidance tailored for me and gave me tools to learn how to change my behaviors. The weekly phone calls was the motivation I needed to get my brain back on track, because I would always see the bad things I was doing and Lori focused on all the good things that I just couldn’t see myself. I have lost 22 pounds and feel so much better and have hope for the future!


Freedom Client

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